Thursday, 3 May 2007

Democratic rights

It is election day today – local and parish elections where we are. I’ve got a committee meeting this evening, and won’t be getting back before the polls close, so John and I got up at 6 this morning in order to be able to get over to the polling station (well, John got up at 6 to have a shower – I stayed in bed until 6.30 until my stomach decided that it was time for me to get up – having eaten very poorly yesterday, due to feeling queasy the whole time, my stomach finally told me enough was enough! That, coupled with not sleeping last night has left me brain dead at my desk…)

However, I did get to exercise my democratic right to spoil my ballot paper… I know that I should vote properly, but with only 2 parties to vote for in the Parish elections, neither of whom I could bring myself to support, I decided that the best thing to do was a none-of-the-above scribble through. I feel bad about doing it, though.

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