Sunday, 14 October 2007


This is going to be a very quick post on the honeymoon, mainly because John has already blogged about it.
Norway is beautiful. The Fjords are amazing. Bergen, where we stayed, is gorgeous, both in scenery and in character - the people are so friendly, and were very kind when we tried to speak our basic guide book Norwegian.

We went on two Fjord trips, and also sightseeing within the environs of Bergen, including going up the Floybanen and the Ulrkisbanen cable cars, and going out to Grieg's house.

We also spent a heck of a lot of money - Norway isn't cheap, and we were spending the best part of £70-£100 per night on food! However, it was all definitely worth it - and I would love to go back, when I win the Lottery....


Sarah said...

I'm impressed. I knew Norway was expensive but... It make New Zealand look positively cheap. (Just paid for plane tickets OUCH!)

kingmagic said...

Congratulations Jo.
Have a great time.

Jo said...

Sarah - I know the plane flights to NZ are probably the most expensive thing! For us it was the other way round - we got the flights pretty cheap, but paid for everything else!

Kingmagic - thanks :-)