Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

This is probably the last post I shall do before the New Year and 2008 hits us - we are off to my parents tomorrow morning, and then down to John's folks on Boxing Day, and probably won't be accessing the computer a huge amount over the festive period.

After having a couple of friends over for lunch today, I am finally feeling in a festive mood, having been very bah-humbug over the whole build up (I get worse every year - the amount of over-done decorations just makes me grumpy, and the fashion for those electric blue lights is awful, at least for me, as, combined with my astigmatism, they make my eyes go out of focus, and I'm currently not comfortable at all with driving at night, as it takes a good couple of minutes for my eyes to settle back down again, and, as I learned earlier this year, it only takes a couple of seconds to cause an accident :-( ). But we played Christmas music, got our tree out (It is a 10" decorated tree from Asda - it has fiber-optic lights and ready strung baubles and presents), had a great chin-wag, ate loads, and watched trailers for up and coming films. Great fun!

The same bloggers who wrote the Perspectives that I blogged about in September have done another multi-post story - the same incident told from the perspective of a US Cop, an Ambulance Driver, and an A&E Nurse. Once more, the writing is fantastic, and the story touched me deeply, so I wanted to share it with you.

Another blog post, which is a bit depressing for this time of year, but had to be shared, is from Sparrow Chat: Figures from the Iraq government say that five million children have been orphaned since the start of the war.

And to lighten things up, I can really recommend Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper - the blog of a very talented and funny writer. Particularly this post (but probably not for men...), and this one.

I'm off to finish wrapping my Christmas presents, and to have some more toffee vodka - have a great Festive season!

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