Monday, 28 January 2008


It occurred to me as I walked home this afternoon that when my mother was my age, she was four months pregnant with her first child (me). She was considered to be an ‘old mother’, at risk because of the late stage of having her firstborn. Yet now, when I’m being told that another of my school friends is pregnant (only the fifth or sixth that I know of), it’s a surprise that she is having a child so young. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I still don’t feel old enough to have a child myself. The question of producing my own offspring has definitely moved from a “never” to a “when”, and the timing is going to be dependant on when we get out to New Zealand (I have to be working for 12 months with one employer in order to get maternity pay, which, even though it is very low compared to the UK (12 weeks of income), is better than nothing!). I am hoping that when John and I do finally decide to have our own child (whether that becomes children is completely open – we’ll have to see what happens with the first one!!), I will feel slightly less immature than I do right now, and better able to cope with taking on the responsibility for the care and upbringing of another life.


Strabec said...

Something somone once said to me was 'You can't do a worse job than some othe mother out there'. Which I found quite comforting in a 'back-handed compliment' type way.

Jo said...

True, true... I think that there are definitely some people who should never be allowed to have kids (i.e. some of the parents of the children who live round our way!)

uphilldowndale said...

Some one once said to me all you need to be is a 'good enough' mother.
That is, to do your best at the time, with what you have and what you know and how you feel.