Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Motivation for people, particularly at work, comes from many different factors, as I was taught on my 10(ish) week Management course (which I have now found out that I passed - yay!). These factors can be as diverse as money, interesting work, good team/work atmosphere, responsibility, potential for promotion, etc, etc, and there are a number of theories out there which discuss it.

However, I think that our MD has managed to hit the nail on the head, particularly for me... I received this email from him this afternoon:

You may or may not be aware that I have held a number of offsite evening ‘dinners’ with key members of staff to get a general sense from them about the state of the nation etc.

I would like to do this with you as well and wondered if you were free on the evening of 1st May?

The idea that I might be a 'key' member of staff had never occured to me, and as a consequence, not only am I glowing inside, but I am determined more than ever to prove him right, show that I am key, and demonstrate that his opinion of me is not misplaced! No more reading of blogs during work hours (unless I get *really* bored!)

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uphilldowndale said...

I had a boss who used to take staff to the hairdressers if they were a bit demoralised. (it was a girly environment.
Enjoy your well deserved nosh.