Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Time is running out...

Well, we've left work, we've had all of our leaving parties, the flat is starting to look very bare (we have 4 chairs, a mattress and the computer table left as furniture. And a decreasing pile of "stuff"). My luggage currently weighs 20.5 Kg, with a weight limit of 20Kg - I'm probably going to have to throw away (or recycle) a pair of shoes (they are starting to fall apart anyway, as I have worn them fairly constantly recently), and still going to have to layer up at the airport. And give my folks a few things to post for us or to keep till we are next back in the UK (the number of books that I had lent to people that came out of the woodwork in the days after we'd sent everything off was amazing!).

We have a week and a day (and 11 hours) left in the UK, and I think that it is finally starting to sink in that this is for real.

This feeling has been helped by the fact that I now have two interviews lined up before we leave - one Thursday evening (very late!) and one still tba, but it might even be this evening. I know that I can do either job (though the tba interview is with the recruitment agent (who I know from a forum), rather than with the employer - all being well, I'd have a face to face one when we land), so it is a good start!

This time two weeks' time, we will be in Wellington, and hopefully in a rented flat (though I accept that it might not be feasible that quickly...)

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