Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No news...

Really, it has been a bit of an uneventful week this week. We are really settling in to our routine now; Monday is orchestra (last week was my second week of 'subbing' for the first oboe, this week she was back. I was a little bit chuffed when the conductor mentioned to her that she had been 'ably covered' by the rest of the oboe section - given that I didn't do as well as I'd have liked on the oboe solos that I was playing, it was nice to hear that he thought I'd done ok!); Tuesday is an evening in, when I check on the greenhouse and catch up on any internetting that I've missed by not being in on Monday; Wednesday is either an evening in, or we are out at the monthly Sci-Fi meeting (though when I pick up TKD again, it will be my TKD evening); Thursday is hockey; Friday is another evening in, and making sure that the greenhouse plants are still thriving (the broccoli is now charging me a toll to go in...); Saturday is our shopping day - up to the Farmers' Market for our fruit and veg, then a stop off at the chocolate shop for a drink, and then the supermarket shop - the evenings are either relaxing or out at various Sci-fi events, depending on when in the month we are; Sunday is a day to ourselves, I do some oboe practice, and occasionally wave an iron at some of the more creased clothes that I want to wear in the coming week!

I've now had my first month at work - I feel like I'm finding my feet a bit now. I know the 'usual suspects' without having to look them up on the intranet, though I still don't recognise a lot of people (my poor memory for faces is really haunting me now - it's not good to introduce yourself for the third time to someone, particularly when they only work round the corner from you!). Both my boss and the CIO are conspiring to push me firmly out of my comfort zone whenever they can - I know that it is good for my career, and I will quickly get used to it, but it is still a little unnerving at times, and I do occasionally long for the safety blanket of admin.

The weather is starting to get colder in the mornings (though I was able to spend all bar one of my lunchbreaks last week out on the harbour, reading my book and watching the waves come in), and it is definitely darker when I get up - I just hope that the corresponding Spring is driving away the snow and frost for everyone back in the Northern Hemisphere!


R J Adams said...

Yes, today was the first day of T-shirt weather in Illinois - but only just, it reached a relatively barmy 53 Fahrenheit. I also rang my mother in the UK and she informed me the last few days there have been sunny and quite warm.
You seem to be settling in nicely.

Wisewebwoman said...

Gee your life seems very full, Jo. I AM impressed with the greenhouse and your broccoli crop.
I've developed this lack of remembering faces in the last year or so and was a little frightened by my drawing so many blanks. I am relieved to hear that a youngun like you can have it too, if you know what I mean!!