Wednesday, 26 May 2010

And in other news...

As far as the weekly round up has gone (which does seem to be getting later and later each week - sorry!) - our hockey match this week went really well - we had a full squad (though not enough for subs as well), and played a really close game. There were multiple chances for both sides to score, but we managed to get in the only goal of the game (there were certainly a couple where I couldn't work out how I'd managed to save it, as I'd not actually seen the ball coming in! And one amazing one that one of our defenders stopped when I'd got pulled out of position - she was almost on the goal line, and then managed to get most of the way back up the field with the ball).

We hosted Board this week, which was brilliant, as always. We had pretty much a full house, with ten people around two tables (we could probably squeeze in a couple more people, but we'd start running out of seat space, even with being loaned chairs!) Didn't learn any new games this week, but consolidated a couple that I've learned recently (even if I have a very long way to go before I have a hope of winning!)

Orchestra was good (no "Unanswered Question" this week!), and we are out this weekend with a group from orchestra who are hosting a Ceilidh on the other side of the hills - really looking forward to it!

Work is still incredibly busy, with a number of projects on the go, both major and minor, I'm definitely putting in more than my alloted hours in the week!

After my weather post last week, it has definitely taken a turn for the worse - cold and wet, though not as bad as elsewhere, particularly on South Island, where roads have flooded and towns have been cut off due to the amount of rain that has fallen. It was a bit amusing yesterday on my way home, after hearing on the news that one of the sea-front roads in Petone (one of the districts between us and Wellington) had flooded, to listen to the forecast, and, after a summer of glorious days being described as "Fine", the evening for Wellington (which ended up being rain so hard that it woke me up) was described as "Changeable". Our forecasters definitely don't believe in wasting words!

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Wisewebwoman said...

You're up to your neck as usual, Jo. A busy full life.
I always loved what Irish people called a wet and miserable day " A fine soft day".

Brain softening, I always thought.