Monday, 10 January 2011

Not much happening...

The summer sun is shining (sorry to those in the Northern Hemisphere!), the cicadas are singing (though not as noisy as last year - I think we must have been in a mass hatching year - the difference is really dramatic) and the garden is green.

On the right are (front to back) Mrs & Mr Kiwi, the Luffa (in the middle of the picture - it has to be out of the way of any other plant, otherwise that questing vine will find something to twine against - it is very Triffid like in its quest - it would be interesting to see it on a BBC type time lapse photo, as I know it moves rapidly; I moved it twice off the lawn on Saturday, and it had moved back about 90 degrees between morning and mid afternoon, and then mid afternoon to evening. It was windy, but not *that* windy!), the Fig (by the watering can), then behind the Fig are the Lemon, Feijoa and Olive (is it a photography crime to have a tree growing out of a tree's head?). On the left is the army of chillis (in front) and tomatoes (behind - though they have now been moved into the greenhouse for their own safety - something is nomming up the tomatoes faster than I can eat them - the current score is Pest 3 - Jo 2...)

We had a garden visitor at the weekend - this large stick insect was on Mrs Kiwi:

Apart from that, it really has been quiet. Back to work - as though the holidays had never happened. None of the clubs and societies are back yet, so there has been a lot of DVD watching, a bit of craft work (I'm waiting for a final bit to arrive from Trademe before I can show you...) and a lot of relaxing. Very welcome!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh those are the best of times, Jo when you can just putz and putter to your hears content.
Is that a greenhouse? Lucky lucky you I would KILL for one.

Jo said...

Yes - it's a little lean-to type greenhouse against the garage wall. It's got a soil base, so I can plant directly into the ground. It is one of the things which sold this place to me when we were looking for somewhere to rent, and I'm going to miss it dreadfully when we get a place of our own!