Sunday, 26 June 2011

Some Auckland photographs

Because I've been so bad at writing words recently, have some photos of our recent (a few weeks ago now!) trip to Auckland...

We travelled up north by train, which was an incredibly relaxing way to go. Mount Ruapehu dominated the scenery for about half an hour of the journey.

The Skytower from the Rose Garden park in Parnell.

Rangitoto Island, a volcanic (now believed extinct) island off of the coast of Auckland; it didn't exist until roughly 600 years ago!

A thrush at the top of Rangitoto Island, which had very little birdlife (according to the signs, because of the lack of fresh water), until we got to the summit, and then there were small birds everywhere! Most of them were paying very close attention to a couple of backpackers who were having an early lunch break...

The silvereyes were also more interested in breadcrumbs than they were with me and the camera.

On the way back to Auckland harbour, we were treated to a pod of dolphins who played around the boat for about ten minutes. I got a lot of photos of empty water!

Even though our hotel wasn't near fresh water that we could sea, there was a small kingfisher sitting outside the window on the first morning.

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