Thursday, 1 September 2011

4 Years ago...

I promised - From this day forward, no matter what life holds for us, I pledge to give you my support, friendship, faithful companionship and undying love.

In four years, we have seen many changes from life, but that promise is still as sincere and as true as the day I spoke it. Here's to many more years to come, and I'm looking forward to the next life challenge.

In other news - we finished the round robin at the top of our grade in hockey, so it's semi finals this week - please keep your fingers crossed for us Sunday morning...

We had our orchestra workshop last weekend - it went brilliantly. We had a fantastic teacher for the oboe sectionals, and I have learnt so much. I was even enjoying the Firebird by the end of it (rather relieving to understand that the professionals have ways of 'cheating' their way through the music, too). It is such great fun to be able to spend a whole weekend playing music and feeling a whole orchestra improve together - the difference in our playing between the Friday evening when we did our initial tutti run through and our final rehearsal on the Sunday afternoon was immeasurable!


Wisewebwoman said...

I'm with you Jo on creating something so gorgeous from complete discord, there is nothing like it.
Congrats on the anniversary, you have certainly travelled quite the path together!!

R J Adams said...

Yes, congratulations to you both!

I was never sufficiently fortunate (or, good enough!) to play in an orchestra. I have played in bands, though, and know that great feeling when suddenly everything gels.

You must be well into Spring by now? We had our first frost of Autumn last week, but the temps have jumped back into the 70's since then. The leaves are turning, though, so it'll not be long before Jack Frost is a regular visitor.