Sunday, 1 April 2012

Indian Summer

It has been a gorgous March - we may have had a bit of rain during some of the weeks (not so much of a bother when one is stuck in the office), but the weekends have been stunning. Blue skies, slight breeze and warm sun have meant that I've spent a lot of time outside in the garden, mainly making sure I keep on top of the weeds, who have also enjoyed the autumn weather (four bucket loads into the compost today...)

I've also been busy with the publicity for the next orchestra concert (5th and 6th May - Upper Hutt on the 5th and Lower Hutt on the 6th). It's a big concert, so we need to get a big audience! We've now had a run through with the pianist, which was stunning - it helped so much to understand what is going on whilst I'm bumbling away in the bass register!

Hockey season has already started - I'm now in the first team (along with six others from the seconds), which is a little bit nerve wracking, but we won our first friendly match as a team this week. We'll see how the season goes...

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