Monday, 13 August 2012

The inevitability of nature

There have been a few reminders over the last couple of weeks of the face of nature, and how, despite all of man's technological power, nature will win out in the end.

New Zealand has had not one, but three volcanic eruptions. The first was White Island, a highly active volcano off of the coast of Whakatane

Then Mount Tongariro, which hasn't erupted since 1897, in the middle of the North Island

And then a 25,000 raft of pumice was discovered by the navy off of the coast, leading them to suspect that Mount Monowai, an underwater volcano between New Zealand and Fiji had erupted.

All maps courtesy of Google.

, still recovering from the earthquake, has now been hit by flooding caused by a lot of heavy rain on already sodden ground.

Man can try to shape the earth as much as he pleases, to try to bind the world to his will, but inevitably, we are brushed aside by the natural forces which control us all.

In the garden, Spring is arriving, and we have snowdrops.


Wisewebwoman said...

Snowdrops in August. I like that.


R J Adams said...

Yes, Mother Nature will have the last word over man's arrogance. In America, heads are still firmly entrenched in the sand, despite massive wildfires, mammoth flooding, every heat record broken this summer. I miss snowdrops. They don't appear to exist in the US. Obviously, a very sensible plant!