Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just Resting...

I know it's been two months - life has been spinning out busy. I have two exams next week (if I pass those, then I have the first qualification sewn up), two orchestral concerts - the same programme (including Hall of the Mountain King - just a little bit nerve wracking to have an opening solo in one of the most well known classical music pieces!), work is even more full on than ever (if that is even possible), the garden is calling out for attention (I am that lawn owner that everyone else looks at and tuts about - most of the other houses in the drive have lawns where the grass does not get above an inch long - mine is knee high at the moment and housing small tribes... I do have another garden post planned - whether it ever sees the light of day, I don't know) and I have a reading pile that is threatening to topple, including one review book which has been guilt-calling me for a month (no non-exam serious reading allowed until the end of next week...). And breathe...

I do *think* about this blog a lot, though - I am constantly composing posts in my head - I just need someone to come up with a way of extracting that whilst I'm on the move without me actually having to type it out!

On a small side note - sorry, WWW, but I'm going to have to put the Captcha back on - I'm getting over 100 spam comments a day. Whilst Blogger does dump them before they hit the live posts, I get emails for each one. I don't want to block anonymous posting (as I have friends who don't have blogger accounts), but I do need to do something!


Anonymous said...

May I recommend wordpress? I get a fair amount of spam posts as well but they don't email me with each one, and instead sit in the spam bit for a while before getting deleted.<*cheeky grin*>
I am going to try and use 'open id' for this comment. I've tried this in the past but it's not worked!
By the way image recognition software is good enough that these 'prove you're not a robot bits' can be pointless.

Jo said...

Looks like the Open ID worked :-)

I've toyed with moving over to Wordpress, but the brain-space isn't there at the moment... Plus it wasn't that long ago that Wordpress folk were leaving to come over to Blogger - it's swings and roundabouts really.

True - but the captcha does filter out the worst of it - there is a significant difference between when I have captcha on and when I don't.

Murr Brewster said...

If I got a hundred spam comments a day, I'd be nutsoid, but with only a few a week, I am able to enjoy such nuggets as:

"Pгetty sectiоn of content. I just ѕtumbled
upon yοur blog anԁ in аcceѕѕion capitаl tο assert that I get aсtually
еnjoyed аccount your blоg postѕ.
Anywaу I'll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly."

Can't put a price tag on that!

Jo said...

That sounds so much more fun than the ones I got - mainly pharmaceutical listings and links. You get interesting spammers!

R J Adams said...

I switched to Wordpress years ago, Jo, and don't get any appreciable spam. The 'Akismet' plug-in takes good care of it all. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go back to Blogger.
Wordpress is a bit more technical than Blogger to set up initially, but well worth the effort, though if you do decide to migrate I recommend using an independent host, rather than the WP blog platform.