Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Ok, I've gone a bit Kiki again...

Gerald Ye Herald
has emailed me some pics of the banners that he is going to put in the post this afternoon....
(apologies for the size - I don't know how to change it... It doesn't matter how much I shrink the picture in Windows - it is still cut off by Blogger {headdesk})
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Plus the Deaf chap came in for his presentation and test, and, to my suprise, I was able to understand him (well, 95% of it, anyway...), and to make myself understood. I'm really happy - and now I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that he gets the job!


Sarah said...

The banners are great! Just think if you have them postioned behind you and John at the wedding feast (I can't call it breakfast with banners like that) you'll look like King and Queen!

Jo said...

Ah - not quite, according to the heraldries - apparantly the Royal banners are 4ft x 4ft, and these are 3x3 (so that they aren't Royal... :-) )

However, I agree with you on the look - can't believe how good they are going to be!

(and very happy on the Deaf chap - he's emailed to say, amongst other things, how pleased he was with my signing :-) )