Monday, 5 July 2010

Busy week!

It seems like I haven't stopped since I last posted - really a week ago?

It has been a manic week - fortunately with no lasting effects from the health scare (apart from slight jitters any time my head itches!). I haven't had a chance to get the doctor's appointment sorted out - I still need to send off the forms to sign up to the surgery, but I need to give them a call before I do, to make sure that if I do sign up, they will actually be able to fit me in reasonably soon to do the allergy tests, otherwise I'll look a little further afield!

Work has been insane, preparing for a major meeting which happened today (and all went as well as could be expected). I've put in a lot of extra hours, and am hoping to be able to get some time off in lieu for it all!

The Sci-Fi group had a Mini-Convention at the weekend, which was brilliant fun - a great chance to get together and chat about anything and everything (and occasionally a bit of Sci-Fi) - a really relaxing afternoon. (and the idea of going out to Dominos and getting 20-odd boxes of pizza for lunch was just pure genius!)

We couldn't stay for the whole event, though, as we had to get back up the train tracks and out to St James' Church for our second orchestra concert. The repertoire for this was really wide ranging - as well as "The Unanswered Question" (which I moaned about a few weeks ago), we had various bits of jazz (including Gershwin, plus a solo singer), light music (including a rather fun piece called "The Parade of the Sandwich-board Men" (sadly, no links on YouTube, or anywhere else that I can find, but it's definitely worth listening out for), and a medley from "Chicago".

We also had a surprise sprung on us - at the end of the sound check, our conductor announced that we were going to add a new piece to the concert, which we had not rehearsed, and which was not in the programme.

Whilst it was originally a piano piece, he had it scored for orchestra, and was sure that we would be able to play it just fine.

This piece was 4'33".

I really enjoyed it as a piece - I'm not sure whether the audience was quite as appreciative (though they did all clap at the end!), but it made me realise how little we actually stop to listen and to think (probably the only other time we actually have that level of enforced silence when we are in a social group is during the Remembrance celebrations). Interestingly, there was very little shuffling, coughing or whispering during the performance - it really did feel still and quiet.

And, of course, the fact that we could play the piece perfectly helped! ;-)

Sunday was equally busy - our hockey game didn't go as well as it should have done, as the opposing team scored the winning goal with less than 30 seconds on the clock. A great shame as we were dominating the match for most of it, and were just unable to get past their excellent goalkeeper. It didn't help that one of our wings got sent to hospital 15 minutes before the end, either (suspected broken finger), as, understandably, our concentration was broken, and we were also a person down on the field! (I don't know whether she is ok yet, though - have to wait till Thursday). So, a moral victory (we really *should* have won!) even if we don't get the points for it! Unfortunately, the loss means that we are now firmly placed at second, with three teams tied in third place snapping at our heels! If the tournament continues through the second half in the same vein as this, then it is going to be incredibly close!

The one thing that did make the losing a little more bearable was that the weekend was absolutely gorgeous, weather-wise. The sun came out, and, once the chill of the morning had worn off, it was really warm. When I got back from the hockey match and had my shower, I ended up putting on shorts and a t-shirt to potter round the greenhouse in! I did have to put a jumper back on after about 3.00 when the sun started disappearing off the house, but for those few hours, it was just lovely. The Tui were out in force around the hockey pitch, almost drowning out the refs' whistles with their song!

The good weather isn't going to last, I know (nasty front moving down from Auckland!), but it was wonderful to have just that one weekend where we were reminded that the sun is still there and it will be bringing the Spring with it one day soon.

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