Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Not sure where that last week went - I think I blinked and missed it!

We had a brilliant Board Gaming session on Saturday - I even managed to win one of the more strategical games (but I think that was a fluke!) as well as one of the easier tactical ones.

Hockey was not quite so good on Sunday - both sides ended up sending people off injured, and if I was able to see the barging (from the opposition, of course...), half way up the field *after* one of my contact lenses had fallen out, I'm not sure how the ref missed it... The 1-1 draw was respectable - I'm cross about letting the goal in, but conversely, our attack had many more missed chances to score.

But at least I got to see the Dr Who finale afterwards as consolation (I still haven't seen the first half of that, but never mind...). Not sure what we will do for Sunday evening entertainment now, though - both the Dr Who and the history of NZ TV which followed it have now finished...

Monday's orchestra was a good chance to practice counting - the Shostakovich begins with a slow string section, and a lot of time was spent on that before we got near the woodwind! (Poor John was a lot worse off - he had 187 bars rest before his first cymbal crash - he brought a book...)

Tuesday's evening in was filled with watching The Space Museum, a Billy Hartnell 4 part Dr Who story, which John had managed to get the Hutt City Library to buy in for us (they are incredibly accommodating in their requests, and have bought the three things that John has requested very quickly!)

And now we are at Wednesday, and I've had another hour of TKD. I am still playing catch up and trying to shake off six months of inactivity, but it is slowly coming back (I hope!). I'm still making plenty of mistakes, which is a little embarrassing, but I will get there, and as I'm not anticipating doing any grading for at least the next six months, I've got enough time to get back on form!

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