Friday, 11 December 2009

End of the week...

It has been a reasonably quiet week this week (and note that it is Friday for us - for some reason, Blogger (or, to be honest, all of Google!) doesn't seem to be able to cope with the time differences, and even though I have told it that I am in New Zealand, it is still putting my posts up as GMT) - I am still waiting to hear from James (I dropped him a polite email this afternoon asking whether he thought I'd be starting before the New Year!) I have also started applying for jobs again - whilst I know that I am probably just being the victim of the slightly more laid back Kiwi mentality, a small paranoid part of my is whispering "what happens if it all falls through?"

We have, however, taken advantage of the week to go out and buy ourselves a sofa-bed - this was a very cheap second hand one from the Salvation Army, and, including delivery, was about a third of the price that we had spotted on the sofa bed that we had found in another charity shop window. And it is slightly larger... We've therefore also gone out and bought a set of put together shelves (the pile of books was starting to be too big for the heater) and a nice little corner table.

We have also found ourselves a Sci-Fi Group. They meet up in the centre of Wellington on a monthly basis, and we were very lucky in that this month and next are their social events (this week was a quiz, and next month it is a "what did you do on your summer holidays" get together down the pub). I am pleased to say that they are as insane as they come, so we will fit right in :-) Part of the event was a bring a plate supper, so I dug out a cookie recipe that didn't involve too much measuring (my scales are still on the high seas...) and mixed up a batch of biscuits. We ended up with far too many left over, so we have given a box to our elderly neighbour, and are still munching our way through them. (if you are interested in the recipe, then it is at They are really easy to make, and incredibly more-ish!)

The only other news of the week is that there have apparently been two earthquakes that could actually be felt (anything under 4 on the Richter scale is not strong enough unless you are really sensitive). However, I didn't feel them at all (very disappointed), and John thinks he might have felt the slightly stronger one, but it might also just have been the sofa settling underneath him... Better luck next time!

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