Tuesday, 15 December 2009


For those who are wondering about the Tui that I posted a photograph of a few posts ago, I have just come across this website:
It has some gorgeous photos on it of Tui, and also some embedded videos, which I have pinched and added below for your convenience (sound definitely needed!)

This is the Tui playing at being R2-D2:

and this one is being a bit more melodious:

This Tui is called Woof-Woof, and this is pinched directly from the website above:
Woof Woof has a permanent wing injury and lives at the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre. He started talking at about 18months and talks to everyone. Phrases include: "Come up here, quick". "How's your cold?", "Give us a kiss, mmm", "Where's the Karkariki? (parakeet in the aviary next door)" . He also whistles Pop Goes the Weasel.

Here is a longer YouTube of Woof Woof, but this one doesn't have an embed link so you will have to go and visit yourselves.

And on the subject of brilliant videos, I think you should also take a look at the coconut stealing octopi on the BBC News Website...

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Anonymous said...

absolutely enchanting! thanks for introducing us (in canada) to 'woof woof'!
ps great blog!/heidi