Thursday, 14 January 2010

Another walk post

(Hopefully I have updated my Blogger settings correctly - apparently Google doesn't know where New Zealand is and, after I changed my settings to say that I was here, it decided that our time zone was GMT-8. Only 21 hours out, then...)

This is just a quick one - as it was such a lovely day, I decided to take another walk up the fire break to see if I could do a bit more ridgewalking. Unfortunately, it was a little too hot for that, and so I decided to come back down the reserve again.

It was absolutely glorious in there - the trees shaded the heat from the ground, but it was still warm enough to remind me that this is summer...

The whole reserve was serene. The wind gently rustled in the canopy overhead, occasionally dislodging a dry leaf, which, as it fell, sounded like rain. There were the ever present cicadas, performing the aural equivalent of a rainbow, always ahead and slightly to the side, but never visible. The birds, again, were all around, but, apart from a Piwikawaka and a Kereru, who both came over to say hello, were only audible. But I could hear the Riroriro, the piwikawaka, the ever present tui, and one with a very distinctive call that I cannot identify from anywhere on the internet!

It was just fantastic, and I know where I will go after a stressful day at work in order to unwind and feel at peace with the world!

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Wisewebwoman said...

Great news on the job front,Jo and nicely balanced with your ridge walking!