Friday, 8 January 2010

Om nom nom nom nom

This week has been a bit of a slow one - after the walk on Monday, we have been very lazy, just pottering round the house (more job applications!) and the greenhouse.

I did have an interview with a temp agency on Thursday - I'm really not going to hold my breath that they will find me work, but at least I've managed to get out there and brush up on my interview skills.

We also had our first house inspection today - very easy, given that we don't have that much yet to clean up!

And I've been playing with my netbook - it is a Linux based system, and I'm still not very confident about using it. However, I had a few major browser crashes earlier in the week where the whole browser froze on me. The only way of getting rid of it was restarting. So, after doing this a few times, I got fed up with the fact that I couldn't just go into a Task Manager and End Process, the way you can in Windows. A quick Google later, and, actually, yes you can! It's almost as easy - you need to open up a terminal, but then it is a couple of quick commands and you can kill any process :-D So, I'm learning slowly but surely. It's not as easy as I'd hoped it would be, but I now have some very helpful websites to look at (thanks, Ben!) and am getting used to shifting back into a way of thinking which is very similar to MS-DOS.

Our cake-man wasn't at the market this week, so I decided to make cookies so that we could have an afternoon snack:

However, I realised after I had done this that the cookies took up the eggs that I had bene intending to use to make an omlette for tonight's supper. I did have a couple of quick and easy options (fishcakes, doing another stir fry), but I fancied trying something different...

The breadmaker (which has been doing stirling work making a loaf every couple of days - and the bread is *so* much better than the shop bought stuff!) also has a pizza dough setting... We haven't had pizza since before we left the UK...

So I mixed the ingredients as per the bread recipe, chucked it all in, and got myself a nice lump of dough after an hour and a half.

Then, with the addition of a bit of tomato paste, cheese, onions, pepper and kumera (NZ sweet potato), and rolling the crust around some cheesy garlic butter (well, if I wasn't going to have any garlic bread to eat with it, this is the next best thing!), I got this:

and after twenty minutes or so in the oven, it looked like this:

and it didn't take very long to turn it into two empty plates!

Very yummy, and I'll definitely be doing that one again! Even better, the bread machine has a "delay" setting, so I can even mix the ingredients before going to work, and have the dough ready for me to turn into pizza when I get in :-D


Wisewebwoman said...

Wow, waytago with that pizza, Jo, I would patent the thing, maybe bronze it? It looks yummy...

Jo said...

Thanks - it was very yummy - I'd heartily recommend! :-) (and because it was all home-made, aside from the tomato sauce (and there wasn't much of that as John doesn't like tomatoes), it was additive free, and you could really taste the difference between that and shop bought pizzas :-)

R J Adams said...

I discovered the delights of a breadmaker some years ago. I couldn't remember the last time I bought a loaf of bread, or what they tasted like, until our last visit to the UK. Yuk! I used to quite like Warburton's large white sliced, but it tasted like cardboard compared to our homemade.
Have you tried baking cakes in the breadmaker? Very good!