Friday, 13 July 2007

Honeymoon Excitement

I've just booked the hotel for the honeymoon - we are going to be staying for 6 nights at the First Hotel Marin in Bergen. (The photos on the website aren't as good as the ones on Expedia, but I can't link directly there, as Expedia wipes the search each time)

And the very nice lady in the Bergen Tourist Office pointed me towards the Fjord Pass people, where, for spending 120 NOK (approx £12 when the credit card commission is added), I managed to save approx £200 on the hotel costs! Not to be sniffed at, and the savings will almost cover the activities that we are going to do - the Royal Fjord Tour and the Hardanger Fjord Tour.

So I'm very excited now - the flights are booked, the hotel is booked, and I'm going to wait until after the 15th to book the tours and get the currency, as it will be a bit easier on the credit card and bank account!


kingmagic said...

Hope you have a great time. Will you post some pics of Bergan when you get back? Was in Bergan during my Army days years ago. It was all a blur due to the local beer.

Jo said...

Oh - there will definitely be photos :-) (and by the time we get back, there will be photos of our wedding available as well, hopefully - the photographer is going to set up a 6 month website for us :-D)
How could you afford to drink enough Norwegan beer for it to be a blur? I'm told to expect £5 for a pint or for a cup of coffee!!

kingmagic said...

When I was there it cost around £2 a pint (late 70s!)
Apart from winter warfare training we had nothing else to do so all our bank balances were decimated.

Jo said...

You were there in the winter? I bet that was cold and dark?