Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The scariness of Facebook

I've not been on Facebook *that* long - since Easter or thereabouts.

However, I now have 56 Friends on there. And only one of them I don't actually know (she had the same name as a primary school friend. Her photo was similiar (or how I thought she might look, given that the last time I saw her was over 10 years ago...). But I don't actually know her. However, it is a bit unnerving that
(a) I appear to be the only Jo Foster on there - there are lots of John / Joanne etc Fosters on there, but only one Jo;
(b) I've only added 5 or 6 of those friends myself. Everyone else has come and found me...

There are also three photos of me that I didn't add - one of me in the background at a student-theatre rehearsal; one of me doing a sack race at a company party (and I didn't fall over!); and one of me aged 10 in my primary school leavers' photo. I'm not sure which is scarier - that those photos exist and are online, or that I'm not actually that embarrassed by the photos (I think the one of me aged 10 is rather cute!)

But I'm enjoying the phenomena that is Facebook- I'm now in touch with people that I never thought I'd hear from again, and I'm hoping that the ease of writing on someone's "wall" or sending them a quick message will help me to stay in touch better than writing emails!

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