Thursday, 5 July 2007

July already...

Dr Who is over and done with - and the two parter went from being edge of my seat at the cliffhanger, to slumped back on the sofa, guessing correctly each cliche before it happened. Highly disappointed (and then with the news that bloody Catherine Tate is going to be back in the TARDIS next series. If the point of the companion is to be the face/voice of the audience, then it shows what RTD thinks of us all :-( I really enjoyed having an intelligent companion - one that I could actually relate to )

I have nothing more to say on the subject - these guys did it so much better.

In other news - had my coil fitted last week. Still hurting today, so the guys on the Lush Forum pointedly told me that I should get it checked out - apparantly a week isn't normal. So hours at the drs this morning, and then a trek to the hospital this afternoon, to be told that everything is fine. Which is a good thing.

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