Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The people in my head

Inspired partly by Jekyll and partly by my own insanity...

There are too many people in my head for one brain to cope with. They bicker and argue worse than siblings on a wet day. And I never know who is going to look out of my eyes when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.
They split themselves into two groups, and but struggle between themselves for control.

The happy group...
There is the sensible, "Mumsy" one. She is the one that makes the lists and does the housework, and the one who tuts at the dirty carpet whenever any of the others ignores the mess.
There is the childish one. She's the one who makes me want to make an objection in weddings, to tell people what I really think of them. She's also the one who enjoys eating jelly snake sweets, who thinks that thunderstorms and downpours are great fun, and giggles at cartoons.
There is the one that is me at my most balanced. The one who makes the rational decisions, but who can also let of steam and have some fun.

The sad group...
There is the argumentative one. She is the most approachable of the sad group, but is also the one that, when not in contol, questions everything. She's the one who answers back and snaps.
There is the melancholy one. She's the one who takes the colour out of the days, who will take everything the wrong way. She spends all her time trying to stop the child from giggling.
Then there is the violent one. She doesn't come to the surface much, but usually follows on the heels of the argumentative one. She's the one who will hit the walls or hold the hot pan for too long. I'm scared of her.

They are all me, but they are all different.


Sarah V said...

MWAHH HA HA! I have found your blog! There is no escaping now!

Every writer has a plethora of characters inside their own head. Sometimes (most of the time in my opinion, having watched interviews with writers) they do not realise the characters they are writing are aspects of their own personality. This rasies 2 points:

The first is, at least you know the different aspects of your personality, and may be will be able to recognise in the characters you write. (You do still write stories don't you? I haven't asked have I?)

The second is: If I am right about writers essentially writing about different aspects of their personality and turning them into characters in a story.... it make you worry about Thomas Harris doesn't it?

Jo said...

{grin} Must run and hide...

Still doing my writing, but not as much as I would like - hence the blog to try to force me to at least get words on a page, even if it is non-fictional diary stuff!

I'd worry about Steven King as well...!

kingmagic said...

There is a Mr. (or Mrs.) Hyde in all of us.

I dont like standing near to cliff edges (even though I rock climb).

And I know what you mean about holding the hot pan for longer than you should...thats me when I,ve got my grrrrr head on.

Jo said...

It's the "What if..." questions that get me... "What if I jumped off?", "What if I stepped in front of the van?" Sometimes it takes a lot of willpower to stop myself trying to answer those questions!

(BTW - can I ask if I know you? :-) The climbing reference suggests that I might, but the "purpleplus.wordpress" link in your name suggests that you might have come from the medical (LAS/NHS) blogs that I read!)

kingmagic said...

I,m a Paramedic who, when I get the chance, likes to climb in the Lake District or on the local climbing wall.

Before I joined the service I was a Lifeguard and part time outdoor pursuits instructor.

That was twenty years I seem to indulge in Indoor pursuits like drinking and reading.

I must make more of an effort to tip the balance the other way...more outdoor stuff.

Jo said...

Cool! :-) Nice to meet you :-D

I'm a very beginner climber (done two sessions on a climbing wall, can belay under supervision), but am completely bitten by the bug!

kingmagic said...

Be careful about "shiny kit syndrome". I bought tonnes of climbing gear which I dont really need. Its mainly stuff that I,ve seen others use or read about.

The trick is...keep it simple. Extra kit makes for another potential weak link.

Oh and after years of climbing in boots or trainers I bought some "sticky shoes/boots" which crippled me!

You,ve propmted me to get my kit sorted out. The most I,ve done recently is scrambling in the Lakes. I need to re-visit places.

Jo said...

I've been very lucky in that I was lent a pair of shoes and a harness by some climbing friends, which has meant that I can delay buying my own until I know exactly what I want (and until the cash flow from the wedding looks a bit healthier!)

But I do also look at the kit in the shops and go "ooooh shiny!"