Friday, 20 November 2009

Home Wireless...

Yup - we has it! We've signed our life away for a two year contract with Telecom, and they gave us a wireless modem for free (Telstra, the other home network company, had no contract length, but also wanted $200 for the modem...). As I can easily see us staying here for two years (I am falling more and more in love with the house and the area every day), I think it isn't a great hardship! It is brilliant being able to get online and to access everything on the computer at the same time, rather than having to remember (or anticipate) the documents that I need and then get them onto a memory stick ready to take up to the library.

This week has been good - fairly light on blogging because all of our internet time has been at the library, which has been at times evilly slow (spending ages waiting for a white page to turn into something interesting is not my favourite way of spending time or money!).

However, I have had a third interview with the Heat 'n' Click company - this time with the other of the two directors. Sean is going to have responsibility for the back office things; i.e. whilst James sells, he makes sure that everything else runs! At the moment, he is juggling a lot of things (the interview was actually done on the move, including me helping him bank the previous day's takings, and getting some coloured paper for him to print signs on...), and needs someone who can take a lot of the administrative paperwork off of his hands (particularly as he said that he is useless with a computer; I rather enjoyed being able to say "I can do that" to pretty much everything he was talking about - the only thing I'd need to do a bit of learning about is building their website - whilst I know html and can use it, I'd need to learn a bit more about making it look good before I could be confident of actually getting something working!) This role was a lot more exciting than the sales role that we had originally discussed, and I think that it would suit me a lot better. The pay isn't brilliant (right at the bottom end of what I'd like to be earning, although there would be a performance related bonus which would bring it to the top end of what I think I could get), but there is so much of a chance to make the role my own, and to step in right at the start of what could possibly be a huge company in a few years' time (at the moment, they have 8 people, with one more starting the week after next...). However, I can't get too excited about it, as I still might not get the job (they have someone else that they are also interviewing).

We have also done a lot of exploring of the library - it is a good 20 minute yomp away, but is very well stocked (and, now that we have an address and have library cards, we can order in books from all over NZ if we want to!), and we have already tallied up a number of issues and returns over the last week. We do also have an amazing little second hand bookshop in the local area - books at a sane price (and I managed to pick up an early, coverless Giles for less than I'd have paid for it in the UK, so I'm incredibly happy about that!), and the owner has a fantastic sense of humour. I'm sure that we will become regular faces in there!


Strabec said...

I'm glad things have gone well for you so far. My fingers and toes are crossed for your future! It's souns like you are doing well with your jobsearch, so very good luck with that!

R J Adams said...

I sense you are settling in nicely. Such a lot achieved in a very short time. Good luck with the job. If you don't get it, it means a better one's waiting round the corner.