Friday, 6 November 2009

In Transit...

Well, the first half of our journey out to NZ has gone ok - we are currently in transit at HK airport waiting for our flight to be called. I managed to sleep through a good chunk of the flight (thank you HitchHikers' Guide to the Galaxy - I trained myself as a kid to fall asleep to it (listening late at night to the tapes over and over), and now all I need to do is hear the opening banjo chords and I start to feel my eyes closing...).

We had a reasonably straightforward trip to the airport - we got caught in the tail end of an accident queue, but as we had allowed an hour extra, there was no stress, and we were at the airport, after dropping off the car, with about 45 mins before check-in was due to open. However, we were allowed to check in straight away, and the lovely man even let through our slightly overweight bags without quibbling (John was only just over, I was a kg over) - now we just have to see if Auckland will be as nice for our transfer flight!

The transfer inside HK airport was interesting - I managed to get all of my stuff through without a problem, but John got stopped because of the external harddrive and his penny whistle - he was able to explain that it was a musical instrument (though fortunately he didn't have to play a medley of Madonna's 80's hits in order to prove it...)

Not long till we get to NZ now :-)


Matthew Kilburn said...

Thanks for posting - it's good to know that the journey is going well.

AliceK said...

Good to see where you've got to. You feel so far away! Pleased all is well. x