Thursday, 5 November 2009

This is it...

Well, the flat keys have been given back, the car has been sold, after a lot of pain - I foolishly put my mobile number on the online advert, and had people calling up from Birmingham wanting to buy it - one who wanted me to give him my bank details so that he could pay me for it without even looking at it, and the other who was going to travel down at 10pm in order to take it that evening. Both scared me a lot! And the next day, I was proven to be right not to trust them - my brother said that his colleague (who works near Birmingham) had sold his car to someone who wanted to take it without properly looking at it - the next day the police came round to tell him it had been involved in an incident! Fortunately for us, Jell wanted to buy it for his niece, so we were able to sell it on to someone we knew and trusted, and someone who trusted us. John and I are now officially unemployed after a week on holiday. (I could get used to this not getting up for work lark... ;-) )

The interviews went really well - one was more of a chat with a recruitment agent (who I already knew from one of the emigration forums), and the other was with the director of a very small company. Even though our Skype really wasn't working properly (the video dropped the call instantly), we had a really good voice chat, and I have a second interview lined up with him next Wednesday. It's a company that I really think that I could work for, but we have not yet discussed wages, so it might end up not being viable after all.

We've done the farewell tour of the country, spending a fantastic time with my family, and now we are staying with the in-laws for our last few hours in the country.

Yes, hours... In twelve hours time, we will have taken off (unless we are delayed, obviously!) The next time I post will be in New Zealand :-D It is finally feeling real, and I'm getting really excited!

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AliceK said...

Very real, and very exciting! Made me cry! You'll be much missed, but I look forward to hearing about everything when you get there. love Alice x