Saturday, 21 November 2009


Well, no sooner had I moaned about not being able to get photos up, and killed the netbook battery than I remembered that the photos are stored on an SDE card, and that the netbook actually has two ports to take SDE cards as memory expansion. So, once we'd done our shopping for today (lots of stuff from the farmer's market, including, finally, finding some chilli peppers - then going to get some pots so that I can grow more from seed), I had a go, and we have successfully got photos off of the camera - huzzah!


Here is the house from the front

We have net curtains, which allows us to be nosey neighbours...

This is the back garden - see the greenhouse! Plus all the gorgeous flower beds, which our landlady tends to :-)

The duck mafia are everywhere! We thought they were just by the campsite, but when we went for a walk down to the river, they were there too, and followed us along the banks...

The river is pretty, though

The gorgeous area round Pauatahanui, an inlet from the sea (though I thought that it was just a large lake...

Take a look at the curving of the road, then at the very solid crash barrier between the road and the water... And there were still people going past us at stupid kph!

Wellington Harbour from the park near the caravan park - taken on our first day here.

And there will be plenty more photos to come - we have booked the Lord of the Rings tour that Longwell Green Orchestra very kindly gave us as our leaving present - keep your fingers crossed for a lovely day on Monday!

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